With more than 30-year experience in creating high quality products, including full control at each stage of windows production that are manufactured from A to Z, DRUTEX is the European leader in the production of vertical windows in Europe, with a potential that allows them to manufacture 7000 windows a day. DRUTEX offers products almost all over Europe, the USA, Mexico, Australia and the Near East.

PVC Windows


The modern windows in Iglo systems represent a combination of beauty and functionality with advanced solutions in energy efficiency. Owing to the sophisticated design and modern technology, they guarantee comfort of usage and low heating bills in winter and reduced electricity bills for air-conditioning in summer.

IGLO Energy

Iglo Energy window is an original product from Drutex. It has an innovative sealing system that guarantees great parameters in energy-efficiency. It is the world-first solution in such a system that applies a central gasket made of foamed EPDM. It also ensures outstanding parameters in air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind load. It is a perfect solution for energy-efficient and passive buildings.


The modern Drutex aluminum woodwork aims to respond to current architectural challenges thanks to the use of various forms and shapes. Aluminum is the perfect material that allows to meet the growing market requirements and even the most sophisticated Client‘s imagination.

Duoline and Softline


The Wood and aluminum Duoline system is an expression of innovative solutions offering the perfect combination of aluminum and the aesthetics of wood. The system fulfills the strict requirements of energy efficient and passive buildings. Duoline is characterized by the classic shape of aluminum edges, typical for modern constructions and the latest trends in architecture. The external aluminum cover, resistant to weather conditions and the proper connecting system increase the window stability and improve static parameters as well as energy efficiency and sound insulation. The system offers a wide range of design regarding shapes and colors, which enables to integrate the window with the building façades.


Windows made in Softline system, of pine or meranti wood are an expression of classic beauty and elegance. We offer wood systems of 68 mm, 78 mm and 88 mm depth. The woodwork is made of solid, laminated wood, dried to the proper moisture, with the right density (minimum 450 kg/m3 of meranti wood). The lower sash edges are protected by aluminum drips, and the application of thermo-drip adjusted to the window shape constitutes not only elegant finishing but also perfect protection against the impact of external factors. The system of woodwork painting with the use of opaque, staining varnish, water-thinnable, ensures top-quality coating.

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