Custom Gaskets Ltd.

Custom Gaskets Ltd. stands vigilant as one of the keystone suppliers to Western Canadian manufacturing and industry. Custom Gaskets Ltd. is the premier Western Canadian supplier for gaskets, International Sealing and gasketing products, extruded plastic profiles, injection molded components, and a litany of other specialized industrial requirements.

Custom Gaskets


CG SillSaver is a patented window sill protection system for flanged and commercial windows. Once installed, SillSaver creates a sloped plane for the escape of water and moisture – eliminating the chance of damage or potential for future rot. CG SillSaver is drastically less expensive than stainless steel or other metal pans, and can reduce window installation time significantly.

Aquashield Corners

With window and door leaks being a major concern for installers and builders, using proper flashing materials is critical in maintaining the life of buildings. CG Rainscreen’s unique and sturdy design allows installers to prevent potential leaks and ultimately increase the longevity of buildings by providing a beveled edge to help tightly seal all window and door flashings.

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