Northwest Partners Newsletter – 2021

VaproShield – NEW PRODUCTS!

BlockFlashing SA is a self-adhered, non-asphaltic, durable, air, water, and vapor barrier flashing with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive that does not require a primer and is easily applied to most construction substrates.

SlopeShield Plus– is a breathable, slip resistant, walkable membrane for sloped roofs down to 1/2”/12 and barrel vaults with taped seams. The taping of seams is not required for slopes of 2/12 and greater. It is a self adhered membrane with a slip resistant surface. It has a vapor permeance rating of 30.

PanelShield– is a permeable polyester air barrier WRB membrane designed for use in panelized, modular, and commercial construction. It has a permeance rating of 26 and can be left exposed for 12 months.

Rainscreen SA– is a self-adhering membrane with a drainage matrix attached. It is available in 1/8” and 1/4” depths and has a permeance rating of 25.

Please let us know if you would like details, or samples. All products can be found at


Euroline Windows

Northwest Partners has teamed up with Euroline Windows from British Columbia to provide exceptional vinyl and fiberglass composite windows and doors for home and commercial projects up and down the west coast. 

Euroline Windows is an innovative designer and manufacturer of distinctive windows for private residences and commercial buildings. Renowned for its incredible engineering and beautiful design aesthetic, Euroline has 27 years of experience building windows for clients across North America and projects around the globe. Steel and fiberglass reinforcing allow for extra-large window sizes. Euroline provides a 25-year warranty on its glazing units as well as 20 years for frames, discoloration and hardware.

With increasing energy concerns, homeowners and building professionals are interested in quality products that provide superior thermal performance and lower energy costs without sacrificing elegance or design, as a result, all Euroline products are compliant with the highest energy code requirements providing U-values down to 0.14 (R-7). With Passive certification, Euroline is the perfect solution for Passive projects, net-zero, or any home that wants to increase energy efficiency!

As cities get noisier Euroline addresses the need to cancel out noise from auto traffic, airplanes, industry, and noisy courtyards with STC ratings of up to 46.

Benefits of Euroline on your project:

  • Large windows for unobstructed views and less expensive construction
  • Significantly reduces intrusive noises from the outside
  • Energy efficient with dual and triple glaze options
  • Superior warranty with 25 years of protection
  • Multitude of colors to match any aesthetic, from faux wood to aluminum metallic finishes
  • Fast lead times and local factory – just 130 miles from Seattle
  • Operability options for outswing or European style tilt and turn

Call us to help you design a superior window system for your residential or commercial project!

Leading Charge

Electric vehicle charging is becoming a new revenue stream for apartment buildings and a cost saving initiative for condominium properties. Leading Charge, a subsidiary of Northwest Partners LLC, provides EV charging solutions for apartments, condominiums, workplaces, mixed-use properties and garages. We represent several of the industry’s top suppliers with the latest in technology for load management, wireless networks, cost efficiency, user friendly applications and zero property management involvement.

To learn more or for a quote, please contact Brian at or call 206-683-5379.