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Reviews are in! Roofers love our new vapor-permeable roofing underlayment: SlopeShield Plus!

SlopeShield Plus is extremely tough and durable. Its rugged composition is perfect for enduring consistent traffic and, with built-in slip resistance, SlopeShield Plus encourages safe transit from fascia to peak for up to 180 days!

Not only will installers appreciate the durability and traction provided by SlopeShield Plus, but your building will appreciate it too!

Traditional asphaltic and butyl-based peel-and-stick roofing underlayments offer liquid-water holdout but lack drying capacity due to their non-permeable nature. These underlayments inherently trap moisture, reducing insulation performance and accelerating sheathing decay—potentially causing premature roof assembly failure.

SlopeShield’s high drying capacity and black coloration (which absorbs heat from the sun when exposed during construction) accelerates the drying process of the underlying materials. This combination helps to mitigate construction moisture which would otherwise be trapped by a non-permeable roofing underlayment.

For detailed information visit the VaproShield site here!

Leverage the Power of Triple Pane Windows

Improve your project’s efficiency and reduce costs


When people think of triple pane windows, niche project requirements, and special project certifications often come to mind. Now, with the increasing need and demand for triple pane across Europe and the United States, manufacturers are stepping up to the plate and providing triple pane at a price point that doesn’t bust budgets! Better price points allow building professionals an opportunity to apply triple pane windows as a strong and unique facet on projects. Below are just a few points that describe how you can use triple pane on your projects, and creative applications for the advantages these windows provide.

Thermal Efficiency

Now, more than ever, we need reliable paths to meet new and stringent code compliance; with U-values for triple pane windows reaching as low as .14, we finally have a solution that we can use consistently and accurately. Comparative to double pane, triple pane can offer upwards of a 30% efficiency increase, but often fall within a smaller margin for cost increase.

When applied, triple pane windows have allowed projects to remove outboard insulation, reduce the amount of through-wall insulation, and even remove the need to install expensive solar panels, saving thousands on the development budget.

Solar Heat Gain Efficiency

Additional panes of glass allow for additional gas, as well as low e coatings within the windows glazing unit. With both improved, the overall solar heat gain can improve significantly—potentially decreasing the overall requirements for air conditioning within a building.

Improved Tenant Happiness & Retention

After closeout, triple pane windows continue to add additional efficiency in the realm of tenant happiness. With less need to heat and cool, units will stay a more consistent temperature, providing residents with affordable heating/electric utility bills. While comfort isn’t necessarily quantitative, tenant turnover is.


Contact Amelia Davis in our office at, to learn more about how triple pane windows can increase your project’s efficiency, and fit into your budget.


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