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2019 - Second Quarterly Newsletter Post

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Northwest Partners LLC is proud to present an all new interior window sealant from VaproShield: VaproAirSeal.

Recently released from VaproShield’s Gig Harbor laboratories in May, VaproAirSeal is designed to create an air and water-tight seal between the interior window frame and rough opening flashing without the use of primers. Every 10 oz. tube of VaproAirSeal is packaged with a plastic nozzle that can be cut for a custom bead size. Tool VaproAirSeal onto the backer rod between the window and rough opening to create a protective seal.

Our VaproAirSeal is perfect for projects on a strict timeline - it is cured in two days and paintable in two hours! VaproAirSeal is incredibly flexible, allowing for +/-50% joint movement in a finished assembly.

More than 20% more affordable than other equivalent sealants, VaproAirSeal is designed for your peace of mind, and easy on the budget!

For more information visit the link below:

June 19 Newsletter - Liqui Flash Brush Application


Northwest Partners is proud to announce Leading Charge - a subsidiary company working directly with the manufacturers of revolutionary car charging products that make it possible for virtually any multi-unit community, business, or fleet facility to install a network of chargers, without bringing additional power to most projects!


Leading Charge is excited to partner with SemaConnect, to ensure there is always a solution for every project!

SemaConnect Smart EV Charging Stations

SemaConnect smart electric vehicle charging stations are designed for commercial properties. The sleek form factor is designed to withstand the harshest elements for years of worry-free operation. Interactive LED lights allow you to instantly see if the station is available, in use, or has detected a ground fault. SemaConnect charging stations use the J1772 plug for compatibility with all plug-in electric vehicles, and the open network allows for interoperability with popular driver programs such as PlugShare. The SemaConnect Network gives you real-time data, usage and sustainability reports, customizable pricing plans, and access controls. Promote energy efficiency and sustainability with ENERGY STAR certified EV charging stations from SemaConnect!

Choose a single or dual charger with a pedestal or wall/pole mount. Optional feature: Cable Management System.

Available models:

Eco Windows by Drutex - Insulating Against Sound Transmission


With Seattle ever-increasing in size and urban density, the noise pollution generated from the growing amounts of road traffic, along with incoming and outgoing airplanes, is starting to take a toll on city and even suburban residents. Air traffic out of Sea-Tac alone has increased over 40% in the last 5 years. This produced sound pollution is having an adverse effect on the quality of life for those who are affected. So much so, the EPA has had to classify noise as a pollutant; causing stress related illnesses, high blood pressure, speech interference, hearing loss, sleep disruption, and loss of productivity. 

This all too common situation ultimately begs the question: 

"How can we keep our current and potential tenants comfortable, happy, and able to sleep?"

Traditionally we look at noise insulation firstly as a wall issue; adding insulation and acoustical boards as needed. However, with more advanced material technology, design, and testing, we can now view window systems as a first line of defense against intrusive noise, which, paired with energy saving methods, can be extremely cost effective for project budgets. Before moving into how windows can stop noise, we need to know the metrics in which noise intrusion is measured for windows; Sound Transmission Class, or STC. STC is tested by measuring the overall sound transmission through a window system.  

There are several design aspects that influence the STC of a window 

  • The size of the air gap between panes of glass increases the amount of distance that sound waves need to travel, effectively decreasing the amount of noise that can pass through a window.
  • Different/varying glass thicknesses (within a single glazing unit) disrupts sound waves and reduces the total amount of sound able to pass through the window.
  • The presence of laminated glass causes the absorption, and ultimately, reduction, of sound waves.
  • Frame design adds additional insulation that blocks incoming sounds.
  • A full and complete air seal around the window creates additional points of contact to drastically reduce the infiltration of anything—sound included 

Understanding these aspects can open the door to making knowledgeable decisions on window systems that will have a positive impact on tenant health, and ultimately, tenant retention.  

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