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2019 - First Quartlery Newletter Post

Unmatchable Window Technology

Unmatchable Window Technology

Northwest Partners is now representing Eco Windows in Washington and Oregon. This is an exciting partnership which brings state of the art window systems to the Northwest. Never before have such highly insulative and sound dampening windows been available to meet the goals of noise reduction and energy savings in our region.

Eco Windows are operable via a multi-locking tilt and turn action; and are able to achieve U-values down to 0.15 and STC rating up to 46. These windows are available in vinyl and aluminum frames. They are a must-have for projects with tight envelope requirements and for projects on noisome highways and flight paths.

Eco Windows are available in a wide array of color options and can be manufactured with different colors on the inside and outside of the window frame. These windows are available with trickle vents and also open for fresh air throughput.

Please contact us about your next project. We will be happy to supply you with options and details to help make your exterior truly one of a kind.

Low Cost Increases to Car Charging Capacity

Never before has charging for cars been so cheap and easy!

Northwest Partners is collaborating with multiple premiere car charging equipment companies to bring cutting edge car charging solutions that save thousands of dollars and balance your charging loads to reduce peak power inefficiencies.

Stock Car Charging

Most existing multi-unit buildings have up to twice the electric capacity that they need. This extra capacity can be used to charge cars - why not charge cars when residents aren’t heating, cooking, or lighting their units? Now we have controls available that send excess capacity for charging while still prioritizing residential uses. Many buildings will never have to bring in costly additional power and infrastructure to meet charging demand.

New buildings can benefit from these technologies as well!

As municipalities begin to require additional electric capacity for car charging load management can take the place of that. By simply installing a load management controller in your electric room no additional charging capacity needs to be brought in. These load management controllers are already being installed in new projects in the city of Seattle.

Please check with us to learn about your car charging possibilities in both new and existing buildings. We have a low-cost solution that will work for your property!


Storm Windows Move Inside

Indow Windows are a northwest product developed and manufactured in Portland, OR. Indow offers all the benefits of the old storm windows (sound dampening and heat loss reduction), but on the interior in a much more controlled environment.

Indow Windows are fitted to the interior frame or opening of your existing windows. These inserts use silicone compression tubing to fit your window with an additional pane and provide your building with energy savings, sound reduction, and reduced solar heat gain.

Indow provides considerable energy savings through reduced heating and cooling costs. Specifically designed to counteract temperature bleeding from your interior and out single pane and poorly designed double pane windows, an Indow Window inserted within one to three inches of the existing glass will make your interior space significantly more comfortable.

Many offices and retail buildings suffer from too much sun, which can impact the productivity of employees as well as being a major turn off to customers in a retail capacity. Solar heat gain can cause significant discomfort and also problems with balancing the air handling equipment. Indow offers an insert which reduces solar glare and gain by up to 50%.

These inserts also furnish your building with significant sound reduction. Indow windows have been used to cut sound pollution from cars, trains, planes, and general municipal activity in half. Employees and customers will appreciate your improved interior environment.

Indow windows are custom and laser measured to fit your windows. Standard frame colors are white, black and brown. Custom colors are available with larger orders. Plexiglass options include shade, commercial, residential, and museum.

We can help you create a better environment for staff and customers, with a net bottom line that is much more attractive than a full window retrofit.


VaproShield is proud to announce its newest product, SlopeShield Plus Self-Adhered; a highly vapor permeable roofing underlayment Air Barrier (AB) material. 

      • Use on steep slope roofs of 2:12, (9.46 degrees) or greater pitch
      • Promotes long term drying of roofing assembly through vapor diffusion
      • Breathable PLUS airtight and watertight protection
      • Primerless installation
      • High drying capacity (30 Perms)
      • 6 months (180 days) UV and climate exposure prior to roof system installation
      • Tough, durable, slip resistant
      • Factory made rolled good ensures consistent millage thickness
      • 20 year material warranty

Primex offers a wide range of wall vent caps for rainscreen siding systems. The wall caps protrude 1in. from the wall so that you have a solid and straight surface to seal your siding to. Primex wall caps come in a wide array of colors and sizes, and have removable faces for easy cleaning. Over 30 years of testing in the field has proven that Primex wall caps will survive the test of time.

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